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Client Feedback

      The following feedback has been received from clients who have completed their counselling with Rachael.

       Feedback is submitted to the service anonymously and is only used with clients’ consent.


Rachael is a very calm and welcoming counsellor and made me feel at ease, as I was very

unsure about counselling and if it would help but it definitely helped me and I wouldn't

hesitate to recommend her.

Rachael is wise, warm and sympathetic. I would recommend her, without hesitation,

to anyone considering counselling. She has been enormously helpful to me

providing balance and insight when I needed it most.

Thanks to Rachel's understanding, patience, warmth and empathy, I felt gently guided

in a very positive direction. I feel very much that I’ve come out of a difficult time much

more able to cope with future turbulence, for which I am extremely grateful.

Rachael is a skilled counsellor who shows genuine empathy.

She has the ability to put you quickly at ease while exploring issues

sensitively and professionally. I would absolutely recommend Rachael

to anyone seeking counselling or guidance.

I found it very helpful in my healing process to have an adult who I trusted to talk to

and who was impartial. Rachael was always very calm and the fact that she remained

unshocked no matter what I said made me feel reassured that I was normal!

The cup of tea also helps! Thank you Rachael for all your help

After only a few sessions Rachael has helped me release 2 years of suffering.

I wish I had met her earlier.  I have recommended this wonderful lady

to my friends and colleagues without hesitation.

Rachael allowed me to come to my own conclusions and make my own links.

She wouldn't interject or interrupt, but when she did it was to ask an insightful question

I hadn't considered before or to surmise something in a helpful way.

Rachael is an extremely talented counsellor. Very understanding with a lovely calm voice.

Rachael is very professional providing a safe/discreet, calm accommodation.

What was particularly helpful?

I needed someone to listen, to understand what I was talking about and give me a sense of stability

and balance. I also needed someone ‘human’ who I could relate to and who laughed at my jokes.

This is very important to me.

The chance to share the difficulties I was going through with Rachel, who was non-judgemental,

understanding and able to offer advice based on a different perspective of my situation.

Identifying areas which I hadn't even considered and looking at things from a different perspective.

Taking some practical steps to deal with things that were bothering me

If you would like to submit feedback, then please email for a copy of the questionnaire and state whether you have worked with Rachael as a client or in a professional capacity through supervision, training or as a professional colleague. All feedback is much appreciated and will only be used on the website (anonymously) with your consent.